Styrofoam is fun

I’m pretty stoked on the hat so far. I mean, sure it looks pretty lumpy and not so great right now, but that’s because there’s this needle poking into the poor styrofoam head. This is going to be one WARM hat. I’m going to have to do some tidying duplicate stitch–I was working without a chart, so it got kind of messy. Once I figure it out, it’ll be good. It got a lot of comments at work. I’m loving the needles, too. Bamboo and they are just hitting that stage where they become butter-like. Mmm, soft and smooth needles. Diamond Yarn Galway is a pleasure to work with. So soft to knit and really quite inexpensive. I think that it has become my go-to worsted weight wool. Yay!

Oh, and hey, look, the start of a second sock. I am determined to beat second sock syndrome.

I got a letter from the university I applied to today. Turns out I need to have my portfolio done in a week. So, that’s 10 art pieces, 5 arts-y type pieces (knitting counts :P), tech-stuff, 3 more sewing projects. So, after a minor breakdown where I panicked thinking there is no way I can do all of that in a week where I’m working 10-5 almost every day and have to do the layout for a newspaper, and celebrate V-day and BF’s b-day, I decided that this would be the next sewing project: (I’ve gotten to the pinning down of the pattern)

I’m also telling the newspaper to either push back a week or get another layout person for the issue. I feel kinda bad, because the last issue had massive SNAFU and didn’t even get published. But, hey, I don’t even go to the school it is published from anymore. I’m putting my education and work ahead of them.

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