Swatching isn’t so bad. It’s even helpful!

So, I attempted to get a start on the Split Personality Mitts that I’m test knitting for Presents (the designer for Phoncible, which, btw is available in her etsy shop :) ), but needed yarn. The bamboo from Shea was eating away at me, begging to be knitted into something. I’ve also still got the brighter blue skein from Cbear’s destash, and some brown Red Heart Luster Sheen. The yarn she used was Reynolds Sea Soft Wool, a DK wool. I can’t really get my hands on that, small town, limited selection, but the bamboo is DK and luster sheen is sport, so I figured close enough. But, I decided to be a good knitter for once and swatch. (ok, ok, I had an ulterior motive. I wanted to see which of the bamboo shades I liked more with the chocolate-y brown yarn.)

What did I learn from the swatching? A couple of things, actually.

  1. I prefer the lighter blue with the brown. :)
  2. Acrylic isn’t very warm. Neither is bamboo.
  3. SWTC Bamboo is sooo soft and nice to work with. I LOVE IT.
  4. 5 sts to the inch in bamboo DK and acrylic sport is very hole-y.
  5. Neither bamboo or acrylic holds ribbing very well.

Overall? I’m not using those yarns to make mitts. Maybe a nice tank top or something, at a tighter gauge. So, I went out and bought some more yarn to do this in. One skein of the same Fine Merino Superwash DK that I made the Pit-able mitts in, except in red (yes, red, not hot pink :P) and Sirdar Click in some wierd tan-ish colorway with hints of red.

Here’s the latest progress pics. The first is definitely closest to the true colors, taken with some natural light while at work. The second is just before adding the thumb and taken while watching old episodes of Lost.

Then, on the hand. It’s kinda big on me–but I have tiny wrists. I’m finding the loose gauge a bit annoying. The needles are huge for the yarn weight. Actually, checking Rav, they are only a size up–size 6’s are recommended for both. But, I used size 2’s with the Fine Merino Superwash for the Pit-able Mitts, and loved the fabric. With the same yarn, size 7’s are making a much different fabric. I’m finding it really difficult to stop laddering between needles. But, they are sooo soft, and I’m sure a bigger-handed friend will love them. This other pic may look like the beginning of mitt 2, but it isn’t. They are called Split Personality Mitts because they are convertible. So, that is going to the be the mitten top.

And here’s a pic of the hat. I’ve got the question mark done, shrunk waaaay down from the last one, and have the stitches waiting for the other band to be finished. I’m now knitting downwards, and am going to put in the exclamation mark, then knit the two sides together. Exciting stuff.

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