It hurts my physics.

And I don’t like things that hurt my physics. It wasn’t actually as blue as it looks here, but the general idea stands. It should have been sorta grey-ish biege-ish like the second picture. But I still don’t like it.

What do I like? Hats. And bird-friends. The seagull sat in that same spot for 3 hours today. Ferseriously. That isn’t really a bad picture of him–for some reason it got pixilated between Flickr and here. Click on it and see. Plus, you get to see how horribly dirty that door is. And, hey, look, ocean view. Yep. A day sitting with yarn, knitting with an ocean view. I’m spoiled. There was even some sunshine today! And hail. And snow. And rain. Go figure.

You know what’s sad? That small amount of knitting took nearly all day. I had to cast on 3 times, because I fail at cast-on tail length. That takes a while when it’s frikking 216 sts. For a hat. Half have been slipped onto scrap yarn and will be knit into the inside side of the reversible band. That took a while too . . . this is going to be one time-consuming hat. I’m excited. :)

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