Two FO! And buh-bye 365 . . .

Which first? FO? 365? Zipper? LYS job? Jesus? Let’s do it a bit randomized.

  1. First FO: Rose’s Wristwarmers

  2. Mmm. Pretty. Soft. Super-fitted, so as to not get caught on an instrument. I added ribbing to the top and on the thumb to make them even more fitted. I used size 2 needles, not the recommended 4 because I wanted them tiny. I used Michell & CIA Luxury Collection Fine Merino Superwash DK (Rav link, I apologize. Can’t find info on ‘net for it.) which is an amazing yarn. Soo soft. Cables well. Ribs well. Kind of shiny. The pattern? I liked it. I’m not fond of the cables up the side–the pattern is written to imitate some tv character’s gloves (Rose, Dr Who, Doomsday. w/e. I made them ’cause the yarn and needles I had happened to get slightly smaller than gauge. Smaller enough to have perfect negative ease.) So those were copied from it. But they were too tightly woven for me. I did them, but wouldn’t if I were to make these again.

  3. What they were made for–Jesus Christ Superstar. Opening Night tomorrow. I’m nervous and excited! It was a tight squeeze getting all of us into the pit. 4! flutes, plus a tenor, 2 trumpets, 1 horn, 2 trombones, 1 oboe, 1 clarinet, 1 bassoon, 1 guitar, 1 piano, 1 electric organ, 1 bass, 1 drummer, 1 conductor. That is a lot of people to put into a small dark hole. The last practice was a bit of a nightmare. We didn’t start until 45 minute after we were supposed to, and that is after half an hour of sitting waiting for the mike check to happen for the second time (power outage. Apparently that kills the calibration of the mikes. Wish they told the band that so we didn’t have to sit there in the cold hole waiting AGAIN.) Then, because we started late, we only got a 5 minute break for the intermission. Ugh. But, it should be good. Thursday’s show is practically sold out, which almost never happens here. Exciting! I’m attempting to track down some pictures of the dress rehearsal for SUP. We can’t take pictures of the show itself. If I can, I’ll post a few here too!
  4. The zipper. Why not?

    I sewed a zipper. All by myself. (Eww, my hand looks funny! Creepy long-ness.) And the plaid almost matches! I’m gonna have to pull in the ends at some point, but I’m pretty proud of myself. Now I just have to finish the pant-things and start on the new stuff. The school I’m applying to requires quite the portfolio:

    a. Level of creativity: a portfolio of work containing 15-20 original pieces. Work should be recent and varied in nature:
    • Art/Fine art work — painting, sketches, drawings, prints, in a variety of mediums.
    • Craft work — embroidery, weaving, fabric arts, knitting, macramé, beadwork, etc.
    • Applied Art — photography, pottery, 3D sculpture, models, etc.
    b. Technical skills: minimum of four different garments (e.g., blouse, dress, skirt, pants, suit, etc.) demonstrating a range of techniques to include darts, zippers, pockets, sleeves and collars.
    • Mechanical drafts — of buildings, industrial designs, garment patterns, etc.
    c. Communication skills: immediately prior to the interview, you will be required to write a brief paragraph on a selected topic.
    d. Math skills: a short math test involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions and decimals will be administered at the same time.

    It’s somewhat scary, but I’ve got most of it already. I’m not too worried about the English and Math stuff, or even the craft stuff. Painting, beading, photography, I can do at least somewhat well. It’s the garments. Scary things, those sewing patterns.

  5. Off that note, here’s another FO. The Quest Giver Hat. I’m not too impressed with this–hat itself, or the photography of it. The fit is a bit weird (overly enhanced on me. Made for my bf, who has a bigger skull. But it’s a weird fit even on him.) and the colorwork is crappy. I tried to do some strange stranding thing, and it all bunched and pulled and made stuff awkward. Not so great. So, I’m gonna re-make it. This time, it will fit. It will be reversible. The question mark won’t be so huge, and will flip to be an exclamation mark so that people can actually ask for quests. (WoW players out there? :P) In short, it will rock. And, it will come with a pattern and better pictures–WITHOUT my old bathroom light switch, and WITH the boyfriend modeling it. But, first I have to make it. And, to make it, I need more yarn. For more yarn, I need a LYS . . .
  6. So, how about a local yarn shop that I work at! Yep! Yay! I’m going in for my first day tomorrow. I start at 12, learn the ropes (or yarn. Bad joke.) and am on my own at 2. Exciting exciting. Tomorrow is very exciting. I’m gonna be working there for a few weeks while the owner goes off traveling! I think that it’s gonna be great. Every knitters dream, right? To hang out in a yarn store all day?
  7. Last thing. Project 365. With this photo, I drop it.
    I’m just not liking the amount of forced-ness I need for it. Making sure to take a picture everyday, hoping that I like it, taking more and more to make sure I like it, deleting, sorting, uploading, more sorting once uploaded. I’m still gonna be a shutter-bug, but I’m not going to force myself. It’s sort of like the way I blog, I think. I tried the organized blog thing–I started with the knit blog, life blog, FO gallery blog, and book blog. Slowly, they all died but this one. Everything gets tossed in here now, but that’s the way I like it (I apologize if you are just here for the knitting. Sort of. The other part of me is saying “Suck it up, princess.” I wonder how many readers I dropped for saying that. If you are leaving because of that, would you mind leaving me a comment saying so? I’m curious :P) Then, with this blog, I tried the WIP Wednesday, YPF, and even my random vague attempt at Media Monday. All gone. Too organized. I blog when I do because I want to. I post pictures of WIP progress when I want to, not because it’s Wednesday. And photography is like that, too. I’ll take a picture, or 20, when I feel like it, not because I have to everyday. And a lot will be posted here, because that is the way I am.

On that note, I’m out. I figure that essay-post is enough for one night, don’tcha think? I should ge
t some sleep–big day coming up! (Oh, and I’m still suffering from second sock syndrome. sigh)

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