Knitters totally rock. How do I know? Because they create awesome things. Sweaters, socks, scarves, chain mail . . .

Yes, I said chain mail.Why, look! Monty Python and the Holy Grail. What is that they are wearing? Garter Stitch chain mail. Knitting is officially the coolest thing ever.

More proof that knitters totally rock? They have blog contests and share yarn with each other! With extra goodies thrown in, too!

And here’s the pretty yarn that I won for knowing that I wouldn’t be able to only work on three projects at once :P Thank you sooo much, Shea! It was all wrapped up nice and pretty, but I was too excited to track down my camera before digging in and pawing at the pretty pretty yarn. It is slightly less bright than the picture makes it seem–for some reason, my camera is turning everything blue today. She even sent some tea, too! The pile there was seriously depleted before the camera got there. I’m a tea-o-holic, and my boyfriend laid claim on a couple before the camera made it’s appearance. Apparently he really like blueberry tea, who knew!

Hey, look, alien brains! Again with the camera playing up the blue. The yarn turned out more . . . lavender. With random pink and blue patches. Of course, I having never dyed yarn before, did not tie the yarn tightly enough to avoid tangling. So, now I’m gonna be spending a few hours wrestling with 945 yards of tangled, lavender yarn. Complete with a highly technological ball-winding bead tube. Now, to find myself a series to watch . . . finished The O.C. Just watched all the Star Wars and Harry Potter movies . . . hmm. My mom has three seasons of Lost on DVD . . .

And, in other news, I’m probably going to be working in a yarn store for a couple of weeks! Yay! And I successfully sewed a zipper into a pair of pants! I just need to figure out how to stop my machine from bunching up the fabric. Some weird tension thing.

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