Totally cool super awesome hat. Test knit for Presents on Ravelry. It’s called Phoncible and is meant to be knit in two complementary skeins of Noro Kureyon. That was too much stripe for me, so I subbed in a Diamond Galway solid. It’s a super-easy knit and very warm and cozy. The pattern is not available yet, but will be at her etsy shop sometime soon. I’m also doing some mitts for her, which I’m hoping will turn out as nicely as this did! (And, no, she isn’t paying me to rave or advertise! :P)

In other knit-news, I’m designing a hat. Not much designing involved, just taking a basic hat shape, if rather large (to fit a large brain) and adding the WoW Quest-Giver Question Mark on it. I’m also knitting a pair of Rose’s Wristwarmers for keeping me from freezing in the pit (in 8 days . . . I am sooo not ready!) I’m suffering from Second Sock Syndrome. I’ve cast on, but am not getting anywhere. I don’t like SSK, yo, SSK, yo. It doesn’t work with me. :(

My yarn is all dyed and is a rather . . . interesting color. I’ll get some pics when there is light. It’s even dry now. I also recieved a package today! And it had yarn! Blue bamboo yarn from Shea! Again, it is dark, so pics of that (soon, I promise!), but here, have a monkey van and a paw.

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