We interrupt this knitting . . .

If you are just here for the knitting, I apologize. Play the song anyway. Tell me that it is too late to apologize it’s too laaate wooah oh . . . Ahem. Sorry. Moving on: Beads. Are they not beautiful? So pretty. Very Hufflepuff. Shh! Don’t tell anyone I said that! I’m supposed to be very very secretive!

Yes, this is the knitting interruption. Quite literally. I was half watching much music while knitting and this song stopped me mid-stitch. Ferseriously. Then I came here to share the musical love. So, no, no knitting to show.

And speaking of music, had a community band practice and a Jesus Christ Superstar one tonight. And, yep, I drove. Cold steering wheel and slippy roads. And I learned (or relearned :P) a few things tonight.

  1. Playing bari sax takes abs! Oh man, that pressure. . .
  2. Playing bari sax can actually make your brain vibrate. Really. It’s a strange feeling.
  3. Making fun of TK is like riding a bike. 5 minutes in and I had reperfected the skill it takes to throw some insult at him while everyone else was inhaling for the first note.
  4. Related to 3: Not inhaling before the first note on bari leads to bad playing. As does laughing at the guy next to you as he starts laughing at whatever you just said.
  5. If there is an incredibly complicated flute solo, chances are the other flutes are going to give and and you are going to look really silly as you struggle through it.

All in all, a very knowledge filled night.

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