Non depressing blogstalker Yay!

Lots of fat needles. A few smaller ones underneath. Maybe 4 circs, cause they are evil. MIA-an evil circ and some turquoise DPNs.
And that is it. All of the needles that the KnitaSaur owns, all nicely piled up.

Okay, so here is the reason I fear small yarn and needles:

The black ones are the US 11’s that I’ve used for pretty well all of my recent projects. That itsy-bitsy little blue one is what I’m using atm. Scary. Fragile. Teeny.
Means that this is hours of work:

Which of course got ripped out becasue I don’t especially want little holes on the bottom of my foot. Restarted

Mmm pretty socks.
Oh, hey, I finished the shawl.

I’ll try for some better pics soon. Apparently we might just get some sunshine next weekend. I don’t really know what to do with this shawl. I don’t wear shawls. No one I know wears shawls. It’s soft and cozy though, if filled with both intentional and unintentional holes. Notice the center line isn’t exactly centered all the time . . . ah well.

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