KnitaSaurs live exciting lives.

‘Cause today had a birthday, a returned gift, a new gift that was doubled, a drivers license, a totally failed attempt at a sock and horrible frustration with a new circ. I hate circs. Despise. But, wait. Let’s start at the beginning.

It is my little sister’s birthday. Apparently, she really really really wanted the new Webkinz Charcoal Cat, but they couldn’t be found in my city. But, hey, I found one and bought it. Turns out my parents found it first. Now, between buying it and returning it, I went and took a drivers test. Passed, despite a crunch on the sidewalk while parking and a few wide turns. No lawbreaking this time around. w00t. So, then, I drove off all by myself and bought a cute littlekinz that she was hinting about. Turns out someone else bought that for her too. I’m not a fast enough gift-buyer I guess.

On the way home, I stopped at the LYS and bought myself some celebratory sock yarn. No, that is not a pile of yarn barf there–that is just the remains of my attempts at knitting the toes of a sock and ripping it out. . . over and over again. I tried it on some bulkier yarn, and I think I’ve figured it out. It is supposed to be curved, right?

Mmm. Pretty. I also joined the group scarf knitting thing–cast on 180 sts in a yarn of your choice on 6.5mm needles, knit three rows, pass it along. Not a very pretty pic of the yarn, I promise better soon. It’s too late right now. So, on to why I despise circs.
Please tell me that circular needles are not supposed to look like that. Those are some very unpretty joins, and really difficult to work with. And for 13 bucks . . .

Random Cat Photo
It is named Callie has pretty fur and normally very pretty eyes.
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