Felted Camera Bag

<a href=”http://www.ravelry.com/badges/redirect?p=felted-camera-case-2″><img src=”http://api.ravelry.com/badges/projects?p=felted-camera-case-2&amp;t=.gif&#8221; style=”border: none;” /></a>

Shortly after I learned to knit, I discovered knitting was much more fun if you shared what you were doing with other knitters. With a lack of other knitters around, I turned to the internet. But, of course, to share knitting over the internet, you need pictures. So, off I went to buy myself a camera. I bought the camera, and carried it around in my purse for a little while, but you know purses. They tend to be full of stuff that may just be dangerous to have near a loose camera. I checked a few stores, and didn’t see any that were purse-sized and at least somewhat
attractive. I decided I may as well use my newfound skill of knitting to make one suited to my needs. I felted it to give it a bit of strength and added an inner liner and a button to keep it closed. Voila! A purse-sized pouch that keeps my camera safe from purse contents and is even in colors that I like!

Difficulty Level
Before Felting
20 sts=5.5 inches
20 rows= 4.75 inches
After Felting
20sts=4.25 inches
20 rows=3 inches
Techniques Used
Small (3x1x2)
Medium (3.5x1x2.25)
Large (4x1x2.5)
Note: Instructions on how to custom fit your own camera are included.
Noro Kuyeron (100% Wool, 50g, 100m)
Size 11 US straight needles
Tapestry needle
Optional: A small amount of lint-free cotton
Sewing needle
Matching thread

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