No actual knitting pictures . . .

But, cute cats! Sometimes thinking and sometimes prowling.

Okay, okay, two of the pics are of a kid. A cute one, too. Not thinking as hard as Panda was in the first pic, nor prowling at all. But wearing a scarf/headband that she knit. Yep. The KnitaSaur played teacher and taught a kiddo to knit. Using Bernat Max yarn no less. A tip to those who want to teach kids to knit: Bernat Max yarn, no matter how appealing it looks for a kid, is a horrible yarn to use to teach. However, she got through it. It’s a garter stitch scarf with a yarn-over hole to make it key-hole style. She managed a yarnover! I’m pretty proud. Clever child that one is.

And here is an example of KnitaSaur playing designer! That is a to-scale layout of the camera bag I’m making. I’ve done a fair amount of the knitting for it, should be done tonight. Then off to seaming and felting (or reverse order, depending on my mood.)

I’ve also finished a Dashing, but no photo. No progress on Shawl.

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One Response to No actual knitting pictures . . .

  1. sunyshine says:

    Do you happen to have any patterns for crocheting with Bernat Max? I think my purchase today of this may have been a bad idea! Any help would be greatly appreciated – please send any info to Thank you!

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