A Dashing and sort of done camera bag.

A single Dashing, with unwoven ends that is much loved by the Greg. Especially the unwoven ends for some reason. ::rollseyes:: He insisted on whacking me with them incessantly while I was knitting the second until I threatened to keep them for myself.

And a camera bag with vibrant colors, also with unwoven ends (they didn’t felt away. sigh.)
And, yes, those are two very similar macro shots of the yarn. That is my favorite part of the bag.

I plan on making this into a pattern that anyone can make to custom-fit their camera. Anyone want to volunteer their cameras dimensions to be added as a size? (Yep, that’s an offer to have me do the math so you don’t have to, should you be in desperate need of a felted camera bag pattern made of Noro.) Mine is 4x1x2.5 inches, I doubt most cameras are that shaped :) I’ll add in two or three more sizes, methinks, and write out how to do it yourself.

Oh, and the blogstalkers unofficial first assignment is What is Your Worst Habit? My immediate thought was “Nailbiting. Unhygienic. Bad for teeth. Plus snags on yarn.” But, you know what is worse? Procrastination. Yep, I’m a procrastinator and I’d say that’s my worst habit. But you know what? I don’t like blogstalker posts that focus on the bad. That’s not it’s supposed to be about, so I’m stopping it here. Hopefully the next will be nicer.

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