Got ’em!

See! It really is cute! Now, Alisha was wondering how big it was. So, I painstakingly went in search of a tape measure. You all must know how elusive those are. Either that, or you are much more organized than I. I wouldn’t be surprised; actually, I’d be more surprised if you weren’t. I did manage to find one however, partially under my bed, partially under a skein of a yarn that I didn’t know I owned. Go figure. Anywho:
Diameter: 13 inches.
Height: 4 inches to cinch, 5 to the top, and another inch and a half or so for the tab thing at the top.
In short, it it perfectly sized for a yarn-caked Himalayan Tibet. Makes me happy.

There is a thread on Rav asking bloggers to post their Knitting Resolutions. So, I’ll do so:

  1. Knit a pair of socks.
  2. Knit a sweater to fit me, not my little sister
  3. Knit lace
  4. Get over that silly fear of skinny yarns
  5. Focus on only 3 projects at once. Otherwise, nothing will get done!

Now, I’ve already got a start on most of those.

  1. I’ve joined the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap so chances are I’m going to knit a pair of socks. By the way, if you like Harry Potter and knit socks and like swaps, go join IMMEDIATELY. Seriously. Sign-ups are until Jan 18th or 100 participants, and 4 days in there were 63. So, go. Now.
  2. I’ve added about a billion sweater-type things to my queue on Rav. I’ve also joined a KAL that will probably be a sweater. (Bella Paquita is close enough to a sweater to fulfill my sweater requirement)
  3. I’m counting Feather and Fan as lace, albeit easy lace
  4. Well, skinny yarns . . . I tried today! But after two rows I threw in the towel. See, Greg wants armwarmers. So, I cast on the Highwayman ones I mentioned yesterday. Decided that it would take too long, ripped it out and started Dashing. Isn’t it sad-my fear of skinny yarns is bad enough to make me fall back on 4×1 ribbing! So much 4×1 ribbing . . .

I’m using Patons Classic Wool Merino this time, the same stuff I used for Coronet. The 70% Lindt Dark Chocolate Colorway. I knit a lot of this sitting on the couch while Shade knit away at the same scarf she was knitting in the post referenced above. It went into hibernation for Christmas, but has come back full force. It goes all the way around her neck now, and a few inches down.

I decided to switch yarns for this version of Dashing because, as much as I liked the Bernat Satin Solids, I couldn’t bear to give Greg something that would fuzz so much. Really, the Bernat stuff looks so great for the first hour or two and then, bam, fuzzball! They go from looking all shiny and pretty with cables standing proud to looking worn out and cheap in less than a day. What more can you expect from cheap acrylic, though, I guess. They are still warm!

Oh, and I got a bit more done on Feather and Fan. It’s about 4 feet long now, but each row takes sooooo long. It’s gonna be worth it though. Hey, if I can get it done by the 9th it will have taken me a week! And there it is–with the two WIP updates and the felted camera bag, that’s three projects!

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