I totally finished a bag.

And it is sooo much cuter than the pictures I managed to get of it portray. Seriously. It is like the cutest thing ever. Unfortunately, it is the middle of the night and one of the light bulbs in the room burnt out and I’m too short and lazy to fix it. I’ll get some better pictures probably tomorrow. I did it in just one day.
Pattern: Very loosely based on the knitting bag I made before
Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky (What a gross name for yarn . . .)
Amount: A very small amount
Needles: US 8 DPN’s
Time: Jan 4.
Knit mostly: During What Not to Wear
Knit for: Moi
Notes: Bottom made differently than original, added cables and eyelets to pull it closed, waaay smaller. Does that make it a new pattern? The pattern it is based on consists of a bottom, the sides, the ribbing at the top and the strap. I changed the bottom, the sides, the ribbing at the top, and the buttonhole on the strap and added a few things and changed the size . . .
What I thought about the yarn: It’s soft, big, works with cables, works with yarn overs. I liked it.
Changes I would make next time: Change the cable pattern. Maybe make it bigger, maybe not.

I’ve also started on another felted camera bag:

All the little notes and pictures under the start of it are going to be the basis of my next pattern! Yay! I’m trying to figure out how to explain what I’m doing simply enough that anyone who has a camera the size of mine can just follow (yah right, how many inch-thick cameras are there out there?) and anyone else can figure it out to fit theirs. And so that you can figure it out for any gauge. I’m a bit optimistic, I think.

I’m loving the way Kureyon felts! It is so soft and pretty! And I’ve noticed, sometimes during the color changes, it gets a bit ugly. Felting totally gets rid of that. Beautiful. I’m stoked over this bag. And knit on size 11 needles (yep, the same ones I started Feather and Fan on . . .) is sooo quick!

And speaking of Feather and Fan:

It is about three feet across and individual rows are taking forever now . . . but it is going to be so cozy! I’m not even a shawl wearer, but I’m loving this. It is full of mistakes (I’m going to have to check my stitch count in the next row, I’m sure I’m off) but I embrace that as learning. I can already see places where the middle has migrated a stitch or two. And I’m beginning to think I may need to switch needles again. There are a lot of stitches in that thing . . . I thought that it was a big needle with a long cable!

Greg has requested a pair of wristwarmers for late night computering. Seeing as I’m still of 4×1 ribbing, this is giving me a chance to browse all the pretties on Rav! I’m liking Highwayman Armwarmers from KnittingPirate

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