Random stuff and a hint of Portal

Found on the blog of teeweewonders:

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Grand Duchess Knitasaur the Subservient of Longer Interval
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

And Portal is done! Proper FO post during daytime . . . along with pattern, and hopefully some decent pics.

Oh, and I’m so counting that as Pic 1 of Project 365. I’m gonna lay down at least one ground rule for myself.
1) I’m up into the wee hours of the night quite regularly. Therefore, a pic taken after midnight but before bedtime can count as EITHER day. However, all pics in that time period count as that day. Example: Post above can count as either Dec 31, ’cause it is still that day for me, OR January 1, because it is that day technically. But whichever I choose applies to ALL pictures taken after midnight but before bed.
2) Posts with more than three days of photos get the “Project 365” tag. Other than that, it can just be assumed.
3) Photos will be labeled as the day they are taken on IF they aren’t posted the same day. If a picture is posted and unlabelled, than it is the picture taken for that day.
4) All photos will be in the Project 365 set on Flickr and tagged with 365ravelry with the date taken in the description.

These are just for me, so if you joined the ring, don’t feel obliged to follow my rules!

<———Look over at the wip it up widget. It only has the Sorry, Rav links thing. No projects. Yep, with finishing Portal, I also successfully completed Clean Slate by 2008. I rock.

ETA before I forget: sjmercure on Knittyboards is having a contest on her blog! But don’t check it out, I want to win the pretty “2 Skeins of South West Trading Company Bamboo yarn in the color Cobalt.” :)

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