An Epic Tale Of Kitties

Okay, so the title is a lie. There are kitties, yes, but not really an epic tale. It’s actually quite boring actually. But, the cats of my house sat and stared around the bottom of my stairs for ages and ages.

Often, looking confused and disgruntled.

Or just very very attentive.

Why? Because there was an invader, of course. That little kitty there does not belong in my house, but sat under out basement stairs for about 20 minutes. She then escaped into our pantry where she hid for a while longer. I caught her and released her into the wild (okay, okay, her backyard)

Told ya, not epic at all. But there is nothing else interesting to post. Having only one project on the needles sucks. Yeah, I’ve worked on it. Yeah, it looks about the same as yesterday. :P

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