Just some random stuff.

Portal Scarf, somewhat decent pic showing off the words and then another that desperately needs some adjusting in the white-balance department. I’m gonna do 4 repeats of the pattern which should bring the scarf to about 6 feet in length. A teensy bit short for the 6’3ish bf, but not bad. The total awesomeness of it makes up for the few inches missing. To do five repeats would bring it to over 7 feet, and make it so that finishing in the next 3 days is impossible.

Here’s the knitting is knotty sticker, proudly flaunted on the purse designed to carry knit-stuff. I’m very proud of it. Yay! And a pic of Dashings that I hoped would turn out better than the mass of blur that is the original FO pic, but didn’t quite work. Turns out that sitting under a bunk bed isn’t the best idea when trying to get a picture of black gloves–go figure.

And speaking of massive blur . . . I actually like this pic. He actually looks happy (at least, I think he does, hard to tell . . . ) which is a first for pics of him . . . Taken over my shoulder as he tried to use me as a shield against his mother’s camera.

Hey, good ole Binary makes a couple of appearances here!

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