WIP Wednesday

I’m not even gonna try to get clever names for WIP Wednesday posts.

So, Portal Illusionistic scarf has been “given” to the Greg unfinished, as it is nearly impossible to get secret knitting done for someone when you spend nearly all your waking hours with them and they are innately curious. No stretched out pictures of the scarf, as I am having trouble finding space long enough to do so. All the area in my room is covered with presents. Not that I’m complaining :P And speaking of . . .

Yep, my grandparents got my parents a foosball table for Christmas. I totally rocked Greg at it, even with his cheating. It hides in the basement. Apparently Abba set it up noisily this morning and was astounded that it didn’t wake me. What can I say–I’m a heavy sleeper in the morning. Makes up for the lack of sleep during the night (the night is my only chance at time on the computer without kids coming in and pointedly saying “Are you using the computer? I guess I’ll just wait my turn then,” before coming in and out staring at me every 5 minutes . . . )

I think I’ll do some yarn pr0n also–that burgundy stuff from MNKNIT needs it’s turn.

Ravelry keeps trying to insist that Himalayan Yarn Co.’s Tibet is 60% Wool, 40% Recycled Sari silk. But that last picture there proves that what I’ve got is 100% Wool, which according to the internets doesn’t exist. (If you click on the pic, it gets bigger and easier to read. So there, internets!)

Brand/Name/Site: Himalaya Yarn Co. Tibet CH/20 or as I call it “Pretty Burgundy-ish”
Fiber: 100% Wool and I’m sticking to it.
Weight: Aran/10 ply (8 wpi)
Yards/Unit Weight: 150 yds, 100 g (7.06oz, 274.4meters)
I own: 2 skiens
Recommended Gauge: 16 sts = 4 inches
Recommended Needle Size: US 8
Often Used to Make:Scarves and vests
What am I going to do with it: I have no idea. Pretty colors will make something pretty.

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