I’m calling it done . . .

Well, it was done yesterday (okay, it is after midnight, so day before yesterday) and it is Christmas (Merry Christmas, btw!) so I’m doing the Drinkable FO post now. I doubt my mom will read it before she opens it!

Pattern: Kureyon Kozy from Knitty
Yarn: Noro Kureyon
Amount: Just under a skein
Needles:US 7, 4.5mm DPN’s
Time: Early Dec to Late Dec. As it was all secretive and such, I didn’t post a starting day, so not sure exactly when.
Knit mostly: While watching the O.C. That’s good knitting time.
Knit for: Mama
Notes: Actually doing a swatch would have been a good idea. Actually measuring the teapot would have been a good idea. Anyways, I ended up picking up stitches and adding the ruffle to the top. Crocheted the cord, as I am not so fond of i-cord.
What I thought about the yarn: I LOVE the colors, though Noro is a bit scratchy. And has bits of stuff in it. And a random broken and tied together strand. But look at those colors! And a conditioner bath really softened it up. Plus, it didn’t yarn-barf on my like all the other yarns do.
Changes I would make next time: Swatch? Pay attention while knitting so the cool ribbing-like stuff would look good. Stop pretending that it might fit and blindly following the pattern even though I know it isn’t going to fit.
What I learned during the making of these: Not to be repetitive or anything, but swatch? and measure! Oh, and to use the knitting journal properly–not accidentally using Fetching v3.0’s page. That gets really confusing . . .
On the Rav.

Hmm. It is past monday isn’t it? Well, then, I should also do a Media Monday thing, shouldn’t I? Late, of course (but, hey, in my mind, it still counts. I haven’t slept yet. So it isn’t the next day. :P) Let’s go with the book I’ve been reading:
Coming Home – Rosamund Pilcher
I’ve decided not to steal a image from Google, but take my own. Aren’t I ethical? I’m not done it yet, but I’ve read it before, so that doesn’t matter too much. I tend to re-read books. Over and over and over . . . same with movies. I’ll often do it immediately too–finish the book/movie and start it again either right away or within a week or so. My problem is I tend to skim while reading. I miss a lot the first time.

Here is a link to an actual review of the book–I’m not going to pretend to compare to that. What I am going to say is that I really really like it. It is such an easy read and very comforting. Like oatmeal or mac’n’cheese. It just makes me feel good. I love the characters; even the minor ones seem so real. Almost everyone gets at least a paragraph or two dedicated to them, and what they are thinking and why they do what they do and how they relate to other people. Despite it being in such a different world than mine (WWII in England as opposed to Canadian home nowadays . . . ) I can relate to the characters. And not just the ones who are like me in any way. All of them, just because it is so well written. And the imagery! Very detailed, without being overly long and boring. I was leery about reading this when my mom introduced me to the author: “She writes books about the lives of people in England. They drink tea and grow up.” Okay, okay, that’s not what she said, but that’s what I took it to mean. And, you have to admit, it sounds kinda dry and boring. But it is so not. Anywho, I’m tired and pretty sure a kid is going to be waking me up in 6 hours and 27 minutes (“Don’t be waking the cranky teenager before 8.”) for presents, so I’m off.

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