Ok, Knitting update . . . .

Because, yes, I have been knitting. Knitting, sleeping, eating. I like that sort of life.
Fetching V3.0
One is done, except for ends and the little thumbhole things, the other not cast on. I love how they fit me, which is great because the niece they are going to has the same hands. They are sooooooooo warm. Amazingly warm. I kinda forgot to do the cable at the knuckles, so picked up stitches and added a band of two strands of the wollybear yarns. I’m gonna crochet a bit of black on also. Should work out kinda neat, I hope. I love these colors together.

These were intended to go to the youth Christmas Banquet as my swap present. However, as the banquet was last night, and they are being posted about as a WIP today, they obviously didn’t make it. I’m not too upset, I love the way they feel. All warm and cozy. They aren’t anything special, just Zellars bought acrylic yarn, but hey, easy care. They do the trick and I’m gonna love ’em when they are done. W00t!

The other two WIPs don’t get much info, or even revealing photos. If you are on Ravelry, there are some better pics there, at least of the scarf. Again, apologies if you aren’t!

(Oh, and apology for the photo quality again . . . I really want natural light back. Sidenote: I still haven’t changed the batteries in my camera. I bought them when Greg was here like a month ago, and have taken soooo many pictures {to give you an idea of how many, the 4 posted here were filtered out of 13. On another sidenote, isn’t it sad that these were the best? I really want natural light back. I’m going in circles now.} Gasp, and speaking of Greg!!!! HE’S HOME HE’S HOME HE’S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leaving now to go see YAAAYYY!)

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