Oh, man, I fail at posting!

But it is not totally my fault. For the past week, I’ve been sleeping a lot more than I’ve been awake. Like, sleep by 9, wake up for an exam, go home and back to sleep, wake up and go to another, go back to sleep for the night, wake up to eat and go back to sleep . . . you get the picture. I’ve also been taking a lot of painkillers and decongestants, though I’m not totally sure what was wrong with me. The decongestants helped the most, but made me feel high. Not that I know what feeling high actually feels like.

So, more than a weeks update here, I believe. School is done, but my head still hurts. I got a pretty package full of pretty things from MNKNIT. I think pictures are in order (especially as I’ve been promising to blog this for quite a few days now!) The pictures aren’t super-awesome, and therefore cannot convey the super-awesome-ness of the package, but the lighting is really bad in my city these days, and my normal “photo set-up” (ie, piece of what I believe was used to make our kitchen counter lit up by about a billion lightbulbs and an open window to let the minimal light that fights its way through the clouds daylight in) is covered in clothes and beads and duct tape and most likely cat hair. With no further ado, here is the yummy stuff!

Again, I apologize for the lackluster photography, but that was a great package to receive! Yarn and chocolate and tea and hot chocolate and Minnesota wild rice, complete with a recipe to use with it and cat toys and did I mention yarn? Burgundy yarns and Christmas-y yarn and yarn with highlighter colors . . . I’m so excited to make pretty pretty things out of it! I’m also loving the individually wrapped teas – they are great for having in a purse, then going places and asking for a cup of hot water . . . well, I haven’t done that yet, but I did have one in the purse at the college, and made tea there. Awesome for stashing places where I would not normally have tea. The cat toy has been stolen by the kitties, who fought over it then hid it before I could track down my camera. And “Knitting is Knotty”!!! That is like the coolest thing ever! It will live on my laptop, to proclaim to the world my knitterly-ness. Another girl in on of my classes started knitting! On the last day. That made me happy and smile inside. The chocolate is unfortunately gone. It was, as you can see, opened before the pictures were taken. You’d think with three bars, they’d last a bit, but . . . well, I like chocolate, and if you open a chocolate bar in CHOP, well, you must share.

And speaking of CHOP, there was a Youth Christmas Banquet tonight. In it, I ate yummy food, listened to pretty music, had my evil rubik’s cube actually cubed before being borrowed in hopes of having it returned totally fixed and got a new rubix cube that lights up. Yay!
Here’s what Square 1 is. Horrifying, isn’t it? Wretched thing and I hates it, I do.

But, Voila! Why Royden is being attacked by someone trying to pick his nose is beyond me . . . and no one in this picture actually solved the cube. That was done by the Japanese exchange student. I don’t think I’ve been told her name, and I didn’t get a picture of her. But, she’s got the wretched toy for the week and will try to make it all colored properly.
Oh, and there was a gift exchange. I totally meant to have a pair of Dashing’s to give, as those would have been really appreciated, I didn’t quite get there . . . about 60% actually. A generic store-bought (shh don’t tell any knitters!!!) hat a scarf went in instead. And in the swap, I got the cool new shiney Rubik’s Cube thing.

I wonder whose foot that is . . . Shiny, isn’t it! I’m not sure how it works, as the person I stole it from had already opened the packaging itself and also managed to lose the instructions . . . but, the sides don’t turn and it has blinky lights and talks. Google it is . . . Ahah, it is one of t
. Now, to find instructions . . . I’m pretty stoked.

Here, have some random pictures of people at the banquet. Strange, but lovable bunch.

I really need to take some knitting pictures. I’ve got 4 things on the needles that need updates, or even introductions here. However, that will require moving tape and yarn and beads and clothes and . . . well, I’m tired and going to bed. Hey, one more sleep and my Greg is back! I’m totally going to sleep! It makes time move faster, you know!

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