Lotsa done! Yay!

So, I did that hat and glove set for my little sis, but no action shots. Ah well. I’ve now also finished another Fetching, Vamp, and frogged that sweater. It needed it.
First off: Fetching v2.0

Pattern: Fetching from Knitty
Yarn: Bergere De France Jaspee, Green
Amount: Almost a full skein. About a hundred yards.
Needles:US 8, 5.0mm DPNs
Time: 1 day
Knit mostly: While watching Magic :P
Knit for: Annie-G
Notes: Did these straight from the pattern, as they are made to fit normal hands, not my strange skinny wristed ones.
Changes I would make next time: Depends on the recipient.
What I learned during the making of these: Knitting in front of teenagers will lead to being teased. Threatening to not make them super-cool wristwarmers will cause teasing to stop.


Pattern: Vamp from Pretty in Punk
Yarn: Schachenmayr Nomotta Tipico, Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Kid Mohair
Amount: 2 skeins Tipico, very small amount Mohair
Needles:US 11, 8.0mm straight
Time: Started Oct 27, Finished Nov 30
Knit mostly: In Women’s Studies.
Knit for: Moi
Notes: I love the shiny part of the yarn!
Changes I would make next time: Actually do the slip-stitch edge. Learn to crochet so the edging actually looks nice (well, I do like it, but it isn’t as pretty as it should have been)

And here is the poor frogged sweater. I didn’t like working with the yarn, it was going to be far too big and was a really boring knit. Nothing against the pattern, mind you, I’m just not feeling like doing endless st st right now. That, and there is a lot of Christmas knitting that needs to be done! It was weighing on me. So, it went buh-bye and will probably make a nice shawl wrap or something later.

That means, according to my sidebar, there are no WIP’s that belong to me, only the Kidscarf that Shade is making. I’m planning on a few Christmas knits, but as I’m not sure who reads this, I’m not giving more details here. (I’m KnitaSaur on Ravelry, so those of you in beta can watch there! I apologize to the rest.)

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