Crappy pics, I aplogize.

And only one WIP on WIP wednesday.
Actually, that isn’t too bad, as at the moment, I only have two. And my little sister’s, which I also have a crappy pic for. I can’t seem to stop my hands from shaking today for some reason.
Anywho, here’s the teddy bear scarf being made my a 6 year old. Just today turning 6. So, Happy Birthday Molly-Moon-Bang-Crack-Shade!

I’m really quite impressed–she’s done most of that without me around!
And for the one WIP pic that I have, here is the sleeve of Give the People What They Want. Looks much the same as before, doesn’t it? Well, the increases are done, I just need to finish off the length and the cap and start on the next, then seam . . . . So, it’ll be done sometime in the next few years or so.

No pic of Vamp, as no progress has been made? Why is that? Because of these, FO’s, yep.

Shade is getting a mini-hat and mini-gloves to match the ones I made for Mama! They didn’t even get a WIP post. Not one. I’ll get some action shots (sounds so exciting!) once I give them to her, and a proper FO post also.

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