Kids are cute! and talented.

So, they call this “Taupe.” They are so wrong. Obviously, the hat is the same colour as Lindt 70% chocolate. The top left picture is closer to the real color; the second picture is just meant to show more of a similarity. It’s quite a yummy colour, and I love the stitch definition. It is quite nice.

Coronet is actually done, except for weaving in ends. There are just pictures from yesterday. Vamp was also bound off yesterday, also. It is getting it’s crochet edge. I’m not very good at crochet edges. So these are all old pictures now. Only a day, technically, but they are out of date, knitting-wise.

I’m really quite impressed with her. My little sister, knitting away to make a scarf for her teddy bear. She’s caught on so quickly and has said both “I can do it by myself now-You work on your scarf!” and the infamous “Just one more row!” The picture of her scarf is also out-of-knitting-date. She’s up to 6 inches, in one evening!

And that is all done with the horrible yarn choice of mine – Bernat Max. She loves it, but it moves from thin to really puffy. It is so frustrating to work with. But, she is enjoying herself, and already talking about teaching her friends to knit at her birthday party.

I had an All Shook Up practice. It was actually fairly traumatizing – it was a run-through of the second act with the cast. It was also the first time I played more than half of the songs.

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