FO: Coronet! :)

So, here it is (Please excuse the grumpy-teen look and crappy bathroom mirror lighting. It is very hard for me to take a picture of my own head! And I’m really not as ornery as I look. Usually.)

And, yes, it is getting blocked. So all those weird bumps will disappear. And it is not actually for me, though I am now very tempted to make my own. I really like it.

So, the details:

Pattern: Coronet from Knitty

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino, in Lindt 70% Cocoa, excuse me, Taupe.

Amount: About 75-80% of a skein, so about 180 yards

Needles:US 8, 5.0mm DPNs

Time: 12 days

Knit mostly: Hiding in the basement, on buses, in class

Knit for: Annie-G

Notes: I had the wrong gauge, but discovered that my gauge made with the large pattern would make a hat to fit. My first ever cable!

Changes I would make next time: None

What I learned during the making of these:
– Cabling
– Provisional CO
– Kitchener Stitch
– Proper way to pick up stitches on a band

And here’s the most recent on Vamp:

Crocheting takes so long! I am not very good at it, especially when using mohair. But, goodness, that is some pretty stuff!

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