Yarn Pr0n (Late, as usual :P)

That is a couple of skeins of Wollybear Yarns, got from Cbear’s destash a while back.
It is 70% Angora, 305 Wool. Each skein is 20 grams. Unfortunately, I cannot give more information than that. It’s very soft, and a lot brighter than the pictures suggest. I think I may use it to make wristwarmers of some sort.

Oh, and here’s my project 365 picture(s) from yesterday:

Yep, a candle. I saw it and it was pretty, so I photographed it. Not very well, but hey. It was while hanging out at CHOP (Cool Hang Out Place :P) at my old youth group. Man, that is a strange bunch of lovable people. I was “ninja-d” repeatedly, my logo jacket was much admired, along with my Fetchings and totally awesome duct tape purse. My logo got me dubbed the “sound ninja” Don’t know what is up with that place and their ninjas.

Kudos to anyone who recognizes the type of card that also got photographed.

Layout is done for SUP and it has been sent off to printing. However, in my sidebar, the PDF is available now. The layout guy and I decided to stick it to the man (what man?) and put an entire article in drop-shadow, along with putting a picture of a mushroom as the cover. We rock.
Oh, and speaking of the sidebar, my WIP graph section now houses the latest pictures of the WIP. Or the latest picture that I like. I love Flickr resizing.

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