FO! And music stuff

Let’s start off the days post with some knitting, shall we?
I’ve discovered that my Fetchings match the flowers on my coat. Oh, so pretty. I’m coordinating.

And, I finished the super cool knitting bag:

Pattern: Peripatetic Knitter’s Bag (Ravelry link, sorry to those who aren’t on!) Courtesy of FireFairy
Yarn: Bernat Black Lites
Amount: Slightly less than 1 skein, 60 yards per skein
Needles:US 10.5/6.5mm, US 9/5.5mm
Time: 2 days?
Knit mostly: While watching The Swan Princess
Knit for:
Notes: I was a test knitter
Changes I would make next time:
None, really. Might adjust it for different sized yarn skeins.
What I learned during the making of these: How to do a K2Tog bind off!

Okay, so I’ve decided I’m not starting anything else until I get all of my WIPs done. Three to go. I am making one exception and one only – I need to make mittens for my little sister this week. But, after that, no starting anything new. No matter how cool it looks. At all.

Oh, and I’m onto my 5th Flickr account.
Here’s the most recent list:

And, now for some non-knitting news.

The SUP layout is still not done. Sigh. I take so much longer than I should for that. We really just need to put one more article in and make it pretty, though. That is planned to be done by tonight, then sent off to printing.
One cool thing, though, is that I’ve found a place that will host PDF’s for me! So, thanks to, I now have previous SUP issues on my sidebar. I’m pretty excited, even though I’m sure no one will actually use it. I like that it is available. Just like our cafepress.

I had my first All Shook Up practice last night. There are only three left until opening night! I’m going on stage for the first time in two years after only 4 practices! I’m not too scared, though. The music isn’t too difficult, and every once in a while last night, I would just play and it would be right and sound SO good. Just like it used to. It’s like riding a bike, I guess. But, if I thought about what I was doing at all, I would mess up. Without thinking, I could play. If I thought, I couldn’t remember notes. Music is like knitting in that sense, wouldn’t you say? Over think what you are doing in either, and it won’t work. I think my fingers are smarter than I am.

I’ve got the discs for JCS, and they are going to be monopolizing my MP3 player for the next little while. The music for that one is a lot more complicated, but it is one the instrument that I am comfortable with, and it is music I know from childhood. That, and I have a lot more than 3 practices to learn it!

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