WIP Wednesday, dun dun DUN!

So, most of the WIP’s have had no progress since their last photo. So, here is where they were sitting this morning, patiently waiting their turn for attention:

Give the People What they Want:



And the new one, the knitting bag that I’m a test knitter for:

And here is why Fetching is not on the WIP list:

It’s dun dun DONE!!!

Pattern: Fetching from Knitty

Yarn:Bergère de France Jaspée in Red.

Amount: Slightly less than 1 skein, 104 yards

Needles:US 8 / 5.0 mm

Time: 4 days.

Knit mostly: In class, on buses.

Knit for:

– CO 40, not 45 sts
– 5 cables at wrist instead of 3
– Between the 4th and 5th cables, increase 1 st per round
– After last wrist cable, only 18 rounds, not 24
– Normal BO, not Picot
– 3 rounds for thumb, not 4

Changes I would make next time:
– Decrease back to 40 sts after the thumb round
– 2 cables at knuckles, then Picot
– Maybe 5 rounds for thumb?
– Adjust where increases are so they are symmetrical

What I learned during the making of these:
– Don’t do cables while watching TV. Not yet, anyway.
– How to fix mis crossed cables
– How to properly pick up dropped stitches (and how to hide them if you don’t notice till after they are cast off . . .)
– How to hide those holes that appear around thumb holes.

In life news, I saw my mom yesterday! And my sisters and my niece and nephew!

Very cute kids there.

I promise that my pictures are actually better than they seem here. If you click on them, they suddenly aren’t pixelated anymore. If anyone knows the solution, please let me know!

Anyways, in the top right, there is my niece Vitauni and I. She actually is quite cute, no matter what that pictures says . . .

In the top left, it goes me, in the same pose with the same smile . . . to my mom, to my sister Lillian and then Kita below being silly.

Then, the double stroller with Tawny and Yummy. Yummy is such a ham! He loves cameras and attention! If I so much as looked at him, he would burst into this HUGE grin, or start biting his fingers or giggling or whatever else cute he could think of.

I took my drivers test this morning. Apparently, I am a very good driver, but failed. Explain that. Actually, I will. I can drive. I know I can drive, I have been for two years now. I’ve driven enough that, despite everyone’s tips, I ditch on the shoulder checks. But, I’ve only ever driven with family. Having someone there who wasn’t my dad saying “Do this. Do that.” totally messed me up. It made me nervous, so I forgot the stuff that I do know. And, because I wanted to do stuff “right” I did things like leaving too much space in front when stopping at intersections. That, and I broke road laws . . . changed lanes over a solid white line. Which I know not to do.

But, now I know what I need to work on. It would have been nice to pass, though!

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