What a pretty town I live in.

I always forget how nice Rupert is when it is sunny. That may have to do with the fact that yesterday was the first full day of sun I’ve seen since I got back home from Hawai’i. Okay, okay, I’m exaggerating. But only a bit. Seriously, I think we might have had 5 or so. Sure, it was sunny in the mornings sometimes, but it always clouds over. But, yesterday, or so pretty. Oh, and the random Tsunami Hazard Zone picture? I just like it. It’s fun to imagine what on earth the little person running up the hill is thinking. That, and I would be so surprised if a tsunami ever actually came near here. See, we have this protection, that we call the Queen Charlotte Islands . . .

Anywho, here’s the latest update on the knitting: I’ve got about an inch more done on Coronet and am still totally loving it, and three cables done on the second Fetching. The cable rounds take two or three times longer than the normal rounds! But they are so satisfying. I’ve gotten addicted, I think. Fetching has been proclaimed “kewl” by my niece. That comment may have earned her a pair for Christmas!

And, I went to my first Jesus Christ Superstar practice last night, without an instrument. The conductor had brought me a flute, but sent it home with his wife when I didn’t show up. But I did show up, just late because I had a class right up until the practice started. So, I hung around without a flute watching the music. I’m so glad I got that chance, because I haven’t played in two years and two of my old band teachers were in that room . . .

But, the kindness of people amazes me! The other flute player apparently inherited a flute with the instructions to find someone who would use it. So, she is GIVING that flute to the girl I lent mine to so I can have mine back, and the budding musician has one to keep for her very own! So, blogstalkers, that is what I am thankful for. The kindness and generosity that normal people can give!

And, while I was there, my high school teacher looped me into joining ANOTHER musical. I’m now the alto sax player for All Shook Up, done by the high school. I’m really scared about that–I don’t know Elvis songs, and haven’t played sax in longer than I haven’t played flute . . . and the production is Dec 5,6,7. Not much time for me!

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