I finished one! Halfway there! And blogstalker junk drawer!

Isn’t it pretty! Turns out I love this pattern, at least with the modifications I’ve made! Fits my skinny wrist, isn’t tight around my large hands! I think for the next pair I make, I’m gonna decrease it back to the wrist size after the thumb. I like fitted.
Look, the fixed cable! Right in the center. Looking horribly messy and not quite right because I didn’t do it quite right. But, as you can see from the picture above and the one on the right below, it doesn’t really show. So, I don’t mind. I’ve just found a dropped stitch right below the bind-off, though. Sigh. Poor thing. I’ll sew it in or something and then ignore it.

I’ve weighed the Fetching on my kitchen scale, and the yarn. I should have enough . . . *crossesfingers*

And, finally, a blogstalker drawer. But not a drawer. A couple of bags filled with stuff off my floor, meant to be organized.

And, here in the corner is a junk table, full of pretty/fun/neat stuff that is now neglected for some reason or another. And you can’t forget the junk bulletin board, full of all the stuff that I can’t bear to throw away. Junk, all junk.

(BTW, don’tcha love my wall color! There is so little sun here that I needed sun-colored walls. I think they are the sole reason I don’t suffer from SAD. I think they may even emit vitamin D!)

Now, despite going through those two bags for over half an hour, I cannot for the life of me find the SUP flash drive. That is a problem, seeing as I was supposed to do the layout over the weekend (ahem, Fetching, I blame you.) It is 8:37 on Sunday, and it is not done and I can’t find the drive with the articles. Luckily, I have a flash drive of my own, so I am off to get the articles from the email, throw them on there, transfer them to the computer that has the layout program, stay up into the wee hours of the morning doing the layout and head off to school to have the layout guy make it pretty and the editor (hopefully) edit between classes. Oh, how I wish I could just sleep . . .

(Another note: I’ve uploaded 350MB of pictures so far this month. And Flickr caught on to the glitch. Sigh.)

Oh, and so I don’t lose it, a tutorial for cabling without a cable needle.

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