Coronet, dropped stitches and cute cats.

So, those are pictures of the band. And my first ever attempt at grafting. It’s not perfect; nowhere near. However, I am proud. It kind of stretched out a bit. And there is the band with picked up stitches. I was also not very good at that, but, again, this was my first actual try. I know, I’ve made a sweater, complete with buttons and button holes. But, for the first time, I tried to do it properly. I really really love the color of this hat. It reminds me of chocolate. Mocha chocolate in particular. Note that I did this while I should have been doing the layout for SUP.

Here is the dropped stitch:

Isn’t it sad? I sewed it in this morning and hope that that’ll do. If anyone knows a way to fix a dropped stitch after binding off, please let me know!

Oh, and some cats, too. Just ’cause they were cute today.

Synchronized window gazing, super-alert Ketchup, and totally disinterested Panda. Betcha can’t guess which is which.

I’ve also got a picture of Ketchup licking a window, but it is stuck on my camera at the moment. She is the much more photogenic cat. She sits still and looks cute.

I think that Panda doesn’t like cameras. She always looking down or moving. So, she ends up looking like a very blurry cat.

In Asian Studies today, we discussed the elements and Chinese astrology signs. Turns out I’m an Earth Dragon. Interested in finding out what you are? Here is a link to a site that tells you what you are, and here is one that analyzes your element. It’s kinda neat.

I’ve learned to use a knitting journal. (Ahem, not quite equal non-fluffy-cuff mitts.) So, here is my pretty covered knitting journal. Yay! In it will be kept all of the changes I’ve made and all sorts of stuff. The cover is my logo and my initials–dM. And it is in my favorite colors, purple and silver.

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