I’m making it out of the red Bergère de France Jaspée that Jupiterjessica sent me.

But look! A rude cable decided to not cable!

But, luckily, there are ways to fix that. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at fixing that.

Having checked Ravelry, I’ve discovered that it has 104 yards. Fetching normally requires 98 yards. So, normally, I would feel pretty good. However, I’ve made some changes. Instead of cabling only 3 times, I did 5. However, maybe casting on 40 instead of 45 countered that . . . I wanted it to actually fit me, so I made the wrists teeny-tiny like mine, and the hands normal sized, like mine. I hope I have enough yarn.

Here’s a cute cat defending her dim sum against imaginary foes. Then pretending she doesn’t really care about it.

It’s a very srs day.

In order to get those pictures, I needed yet another flickr account. Add alarid.dathreman to my list. I should ask for pro for Christmas. And, today, I am uploading a third of it’s bandwidth. Seriously. I think I’m addicted to photography. Now, if only I could consistently take decent pictures. . .

Oh, and despite what it looks like, I actually have two cats. The other always moves just as I snap a shot.

(Ahem: Flickr glitch: “You’ve used 100% of your 100 MB limit this month – that leaves 218.83 KB.” Sweet.)

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