Day in the Life of/WIP Wednesday/FO Kitty Dimsum

So, this is a day in the life of . . . late, of course. It will be updated whenever I can get to a computer.

So, the day in the life of To Do List:
– Cash cheque
– Money to parents
– Buy Moods for other mittens
– Buy catnip
– Find out/buy:
~~~Fetching needle size
~~~Endpaper needle size
~~~Annie-G hat pattern, what needed
– Eyebrow appointment
– Buy tapestry needles
– Pictures:
~~~Student Lounge
– Buy closure for Felted Camera Bag v2.0
– Get recipe for salad to Nicole.

8:20: Knit-a-Saur gets up. Note, not wakes up. Stupid insomnia. Takes lots of pictures. Goes upstairs, does not eat breakfast, but makes a Cantonese Chicken Salad for the potluck in Asian Studies. Except we had no lettuce.

10:00: Goes to the college. Drops off salad, goes to the old workplace to buy lettuce. Discovers that shortly after I quit, there was a fire and a flood and electrical problems there. It is falling apart without me.

10:30: Learn to play Mahjong while eating yummy salad and wraps and fortune cookies. Look, yummy salad:

11:00: Get a late birthday present! (A bit more than a month late)!!! Pretty Pretty jacket! *Add get picture of jacket to to-do list.

12:00: Sorts and uploads pictures of WIP for WIP Wednesday. Note that less than halfway through a month, I have gone through 167% of Flickr bandwidth. I may need to create another account. Sigh. They REALLY need to start accepting Paypal.
Here are the WIPs:
Non-Fluffy Cuff Mitts: (Or, mitt as it may be. Is.) I am out of yarn. Need to buy more. Today. Yay! I am actually quite fond of these. They are warm.

Felted Camera Bag v2.o: (Buy closure. So close to being done.)

Kitty Dimsum: (Needs catnip and sewing. Hence, the need to buy catnip and tapestry needles. Where DO they go?)


Give the People What they Want:
Unphoto’d as there has been nothing done since the last post involving it.

1:00: Downtown. Look to see if IK is anywhere yet. It isn’t. Bought catnip, cashed a cheque, bought tapestry needles, cable needles, lot’s of colorful DPN’s, and more Moods to finish mitts. Discover that there is a knitting group in my town! And they meet tonight! Yay!

If anyone wants to explain the cable needles, I won’t complain. :P Those are some weird looking pieces of metal.

2:00: Head home on a bus. Knit more mitt while watching crap TV. Realize again how much seed stitch sucks on randomly sized DPNs. Sigh. Also realize that I can’t make the mitts match. Sigh again. Oh well, my mom doesn’t mind!

3:00: Phone call. I can do my drivers test next Wednesday! Yay! However, I have a class. . . Luckily, it’s my dad teaching, so I can get out of it. I may be able to drive soon I may be able to drive soon! Not that the environmentalist in me will let me much. But still. Then, to celebrate, I finish the kitty dimsum. See:

Not all that interesting, are they? And only one of my cats likes them. The one who doesn’t usually like catnip, strangely . . .

4:00: Cast on swatch for Coronet.

5:00: Maybe 20 rows done? Not liking cables. Must eat pizza.

5:40: Back to knitting. I’m considering doing homework, but not very seriously. I’m not actually sure what homework I have . . . Besides, I’m going to a knitting group in 40 minutes. That’s nowhere near enough time to do homework.

My parents have decided that I’m channeling someone far older than me. Why? Because I go out to knitting groups and to play Go in libraries. Sigh.

6:30-10:00: Hang out at a knitting store feeling very young and inexperienced. However, not out of place. Knitters are very accepting people. Got maybe 4 inches of the cable done. Prettiest thing I have ever knit! But, pictures will have to come tomorrow. I’m sleepy and heading off to munch out and go to sleep!

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One Response to Day in the Life of/WIP Wednesday/FO Kitty Dimsum

  1. Beverly says:

    The cable needle that looks like a DPN with a bump in the middle is what I use. Holds the stitches well and is easy to knit off of.

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