Neglected knitting . . .

So, for the weekend, despite having plenty of posts, I have had no knitting! I apologize. I do have an excuse though! My Greg was here and no knitting got done. So, no knitting pictures. I’ll pick it up, though, I promise. That’s ’cause he’s gone back to the education-place. Sigh.

But, this is sorta knitting related! See: Stitch Markers, made by yours truly!

I am very proud of these. I’m also a very photo-happy person. Honestly, those are the best seven photos out of like 30. I go through camera batteries like mad. Luckily, my loving mother bought me a battery charger and rechargeable batteries! I love the thing. So economical.

But, stitch markers. I made them using all dollar store stuff. Some strange painted beads that are pretty, and some square-ish green ones, and crystals. I can buy little itsy-bitsy crystals super-cheap at a dollar store! That makes me happy. They are shiny. I like shiny. I am a simple creature. The rings are those cool toggle necklace closure things. I dislike them on necklaces-I find they fall off a lot. But they work great as stitch rings.

Hey, wait! I totally lied. I do have a picture of knitting. It happened before the weekend, but stayed on the camera for ages. Here it is, a bit more done on the sleeve of Give the People What They Want. (Sidenote: Flickr really needs to start accepting paypal. Signing in and out of multiple accounts in search of pictures gets annoying!) Hey, I found one of the camera bag, too.

It needs lining and a closure of some sort. It didn’t felt very well, but if I did any more it would be too small. The colors are a lot nicer irl.

And, just because, here is some fugly yarn.

And a huge fugly knot:

And the fugly yarn all neat and tidy in a ball.

Now, because of who I am, I also have to give details about this yarn.
Made of: 64% Nylon, 36% Polyester
Skeins: 1
Yards/Unit Weight: 64 yards, 50 grams
Weight: Bulky / 12 ply (7 wpi)
Recommended Needles: US 10½ / 6.5 mm
Why on earth do I own it: I do not know. I believe this is the type of yarn that just materializes in stashes. No one knows why, or what it is for. I know that it is going to be used to enter The Fugly Yarn Contest, though.

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One Response to Neglected knitting . . .

  1. Agnes says:

    Woo! I think the stitch markers are unique and beautiful! Ever think of selling them? Knitters who use stitch markers would love them.

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