Mitts . . .

So, I’ve started on a pair of mitts to match the hat I made for my mom. I discovered that a random assortment of DPN’s that I already own give the proper gauge, or somewhat near . . .

The swatch was off. The Fluffy Cuff Mittens call for 16 stitches to 4 inches. My swatch ended up with 17.5 to 4 inches. So, I added in a couple of bigger needles. I can’t actually get the size 10 needles called for in my city at all. I’m hoping this will work . . . ahem.

I also decided that the fluffy cuff had to go. So, seed stitch is what I decided to replace it with. DO NOT DO THAT. Seed stitch in the round on random sized needles SUCKS.

My gauge swatch is going to become another Kitty Dim Sum. It is a very tightly knit fabric. I was all set to finish it before class and SUP meetings, but then we had no catnip. Sorta needed. I’ll pick some up afterwards.

Speaking of SUP, our paper came out! That would be Issue 19. I likes it, and the fact that November is spelled Novermber on the back. Way to go, editor. (Shh, don’t tell, I put it in on purpose to bug him! Following in the footsteps of The Layout Guy.)
Here we are, aren’t we a happy bunch!

I’m the one being affectionately strangled below the Royden-esque-posed Scotty.

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