Ahem. Yarn Pr0n . . . Saturday? Nope, Sunday.

So, I join Yarn Pr0n Fridays. Two weeks and a two days late, here’s some.

I’ve got 4 skeins of the stuff. Or had. I have two and a half skeins of the stuff.
What is it?
Schachenmayr nomotta Tipico.
Yes, I thought it was a sneeze, too. . .
It’s 40% Acrylic, 30% New Wool, 25% Polymide, 5% Metallized Polysester.

I’m actually quite fond of it.
Not itchy, doesn’t run (but it did stain my needles. Go figure.)

Here’s what it turned into:

That’s “Punks Not Dead” minus the ‘hawk, and Vamp in progress from Pretty in Punk.
Not quite what they envisioned, I don’t think . . .

Oh, and here’s some pictures of Binary (What’s a post without ’em?)

Those are a few days old, even. It’s coming along now. Knitting with DPN’s no longer feels so strange . . .

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2 Responses to Ahem. Yarn Pr0n . . . Saturday? Nope, Sunday.

  1. Linnea says:

    Oh! That’s really lovely yarn. I wonder if it’s still available. It would be great for some winter knitting.Also, (sorry – disclaimer to sound slightly less weird – I’m a former optometric assistant) your glasses are wonderful!

  2. Batty says:

    Who cares what day it is? Great yarn, and I love the hat! The binary scarf is also looking good. I love geeky things like that.

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