I got in I got in! Kind a hectic entrance though . . .
I checked my email at the college. AAHHH! There was the invite!
I hit the link.
It doesn’t work.
I get frustrated and go home to try from there. The college internet sucks sometimes.
I try from home.
It doesn’t work.
I whine at the Knittyboard.
They inform me that Ravelry is down, and the makers are going off to Rhineback.
I panic.
Then Bob shows up! He says they are fixing it!
I go to get food.
My mom steals the computer.
I pace behind her until she gets uncomfortable.
I get the computer back.
Ravelry is up! I’m in I’m in!
Then, I start putting information and pictures in.
But . . . I run out of Flickr bandwidth! I don’t get more until November!
No more pictures!
So, I attempt to upgrade Flickr.
But it doesn’t take Paypal.
I’m now trying to convince my parents to let me use their credit card, crossing my fingers . . .

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2 Responses to Ravelry!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    ravelry is fun! It’s my new go-to guide. I look at patterns, yarn, etc. Did someone knit my pattern with my yarn? I dunno. I’ll go check ravelry!! You’ll love it! :)-your spooooky weenie

  2. Batty says:

    I got my invite and haven’t had time to do anything yet. How unfair is that?

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