I am ‘Weenie and have a ‘Weenie

Lol. I love being a ‘Weenie! It’s so exciting shopping for someone else! (“But, wait, Knit-a-Saur,” you say. “What are you talking about?” Look here.) I’m mostly done–just waiting for the LYS to open so I can get in there! Strangely, it is closed on Mondays, apparently. I’ve also got a few things I’m planning to make. However, there will be no more details spilled here! Just in case Charlie Brown stumbles upon me. . . I’m super-sneaky!

I’m also super-curious about who my ‘Weenie may be. I got my claimage via knittyboard. My blog doesn’t seem to allow anonymous comments. I think I may fix that. Or at least try.

I need more feltable yarn! You know why? My Mom bought me another camera, that’s why! It takes better pictures than the one I just bought does, except of yarn and close up things. It’s also got a memory card! I can take up to a hundred pictures with the highest quality! 700 with the worst! So, why do I need more yarn? Because, the new camera needs a new bag! Yay! I like knitting bags and felting them. They are so quick! Not like certain scarves . . . I need to get that binary done! Poor Greg’s neck will be getting cold!

I’m also planning some RAK’s for the near future, yay! So, you Knittyboard people, you may be getting something from me soon!

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2 Responses to I am ‘Weenie and have a ‘Weenie

  1. Alarid says:

    *Gasp* It’s a weenie! I believe you are the ‘Weenie at least . . . There is a Greg–he’s my love <3!And candies, um. None that I hate as far as I can remember . . .I love chocolate! Any and all chocolate!And as far as colors are concerned, I like red a lot, and darker greens, blues, purples. Random bright colors are good too. I love florescents!All in all, I’m not too picky I don’t think. Having a ‘weenie is so exciting!!! Makes me happy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hmm, a Greg in your life…sounds like we may have something in common!! hee hee.Are there any candies out there that you hate? What about that you love? Any colors you hate or love?mwahahahahaaa! -Your weenie…or am I the brown? No clue. lol

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