Super-Reply to All the Blog-Stalkers all at once!

First off – Thanks for all the comments and compliments! I think I’m gonna like this blogstalking thing!

Secondly – It was skydiving actually. I do want to go paragliding now! Seeing as the parachute part was my favorite part. The freefall . . . not so much. Scariest experience of my life.

Third – Job isn’t all that exciting, unfortunately, black and white usually. And boring, tied back hair. I did the Halloween costume the way I did specifically to annoy one boss. I’m an evil person.

lisa said…

i’m a mom and i just gotta say: thank the gourd you *finally* have normal hair!!!”

Lol, that’s what my dad said . . . I did ask them first! They said whatever, not believing me. Now the answer to anything I ask is “Like hell.”
Jo said…

So who were you for Halloween? I want to say Sonja Blue…

Nothing in particular. Just a cheerful annoyance. Too bad I don’t have a decent close up of the makeup though . . .


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2 Responses to Super-Reply to All the Blog-Stalkers all at once!

  1. steph_knits says:

    I love your crafty wallets; I made one not long ago for my husband. I also love your prom dress! :-)

  2. Jo says:

    That’s too bad – I think you could have passed for Sonja Blue :

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