14% !!! |/|/007

Oh, man, I’m digress into 1337-speak.
How unfortunate.
But 14%!!!
I’m 14% done the binary scarf!
That means I’m down to 2-ish days of consecutive knitting to get that scarf done!

I’ve also recently talked to the bf, and have him searching for a decent camera for me so that I can get this blog a little more alive using pictures.
Then I’ll have a decent reason to make a FO page to add on, and then I’ll have motivation to actually create those FO’s.

I’ve also cast on, and knit about 2 inches of the first sleeve on the cardi. Big ribbing, big yarn, big needles, and only one colour. It’s a nice break from that scarf. And all while watching Harry Potter. It’s a good series to knit by, for me. I know the story well enough to not need to actually watch, so knitting is a viable option. Plus, there are a lot more movies in the series.

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