The geek in the Knit-a-Saur comes out to play

So, I have successfully created a three (so far) page blog.
1. The Land of the Knit-a-Saur where the Knit-a-Saur talks about knitting (and a lot of geek blog stuff too, apparently)
2. Dianna-Saurus Rex where the Knit-a-Saur becomes Dianna-Saurus Rex and talks about everything and anything else.
3. Dianna-Saurus Rex and the Knit-a-Saur read! Where Dianna-Saurus Rex and the Knit-a-saur team up to talk about anything reading related.

Soon to be created, once there are pictures, is a Finished Objects page, to show off knitting projects, the duct tape wallets, t-shirt bags, beading stuff, well anything that is finished really.

Enough bragging about the simple geek stuff: updates on the WIP

On the Moon is getting nowhere. It’s sitting there, all soft on the needles waiting for attention. Hopefully it will be done for when it is needed. :D

The Legwarmers are also getting nowhere. However, I’m sure they will be picked up and have a few inches done here and there and eventually get finished without seeming to have ever actually gotten anywhere.

The poor Eyelet Scarf has been waiting for attention all summer. It’s in the same boat as the Legwarmers, I think.

“Give the People What They Want” Sweater is having better luck. I managed to get most of the second half of the front done yesterday and today.

And, last but not least, the Binary Scarf is chugging along, no new mistakes so far, getting the most attention of any of the WIP’s. I think it the WIP equivalent of a teachers pet.

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