It’s a long and daunting task ahead . . .

So, having seen a few blogs with WIP bars, I was interested in doing one myself. However, my geek skills failed, and no WIP bars were made. That’ll have to wait for the geek BF to do, I guess.

However, this lead me to figuring out exactly how long the Binary Scarf is going to take.
There are 17 rounds of figures for me to finish the message once, which I will repeat 4 times.
So 68 rounds to do.
Then, because I did three rounds of random numbers to start with (completely unintentionally, but, being me, it must be equal) I need to add 6 to the total.
So 74 rounds.
ATM, each round is taking 45 minutes (the Knit-a-Saur is a very slow knitter.)
So, that is 3 330 minutes.
What a large amount of minutes.
That is 55.5 hours. 2.3125 days.

The geek had better appreciate this.
And to think I decided to make a scarf because I didn’t want to make a sweater because it would take to long. Plus there’s the whole Sweater Curse thing.

But, to be perfectly honest, if the Sweater Curse was true, I think I’d prefer to lose a sweater than 2.3 days of this totally awesome scarf.

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