It’s a happy first real post.

I’ve got 5 rounds of numbers done on the binary scarf, and am very excited. It looks so good!

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I’m pretty proud of myself. I didn’t know how to do colour change or how to use DPN’s, so to get this far this quickly makes me pretty happy. I really should work more on the sweater, I really want to wear it, and that can’t happen until it is made! I am determined to not start anymore projects until I have at least one of these done—no more than 5 on the needles at once for me, or nothing will get done! That poor eyelet scarf has been waiting all summer. I may just frog it; it doesn’t seem to want to be made. I want something more exciting. Actually, I think that having just the sweater, bag, leg warmers and binary scarf on the needles at one time is a good idea. That way, I have the interest and difficulty of the scarf, the tedious, but much anticipated sweater, change of the circular needles used in the legwarmers and the bag that should give me semi-instant gratification. I think that bag is going to turn out great, too. I love the yarn, it is so soft. And the single row striping that I added gives some interest to the st st. The leg-warmers are also pretty simple, but keeping the two yarns from tangling is a challenge! So is remembering to move the yarn to the right side of the cord on the circulars. I’m not used to them yet, but am making out okay. At least they don’t hurt me like the DPN’s for Greg’s scarf do. I’m so excited for him to have that. Four days, and I miss him so much already. I should get the dorm payphone number and call him. I’d like to hear his voice.

The knitting magazines have caught me! After going into stores, looking at them, rejecting them, going back, I finally bought one. And then another. However, I haven’t bought them all, so I’m not totally caught. I’m really looking forward to “Tilted Duster” from Interweave Knits. I’m also considering “Placed Cable Aran” as an introduction to cabling. The rest of the patterns are either far above my newbie talent or not my style. From knitsimple, I am considering “Cowl Play,” “Harvest Boon,” “Hex Bag,” and “Triangle Scarf.” Not that these are going to be made anytime soon, seeing as I’m not that fast of a knitter, and this is my list so far, in order of what I want to make most (star next to those I have materials for):

1. Not Your Standard Issue Sweater*

2. Do Not Cross Scarf

3. Indulge Yourself

4. Sadie Sweater

5. Tilted Duster

6. Fabulously Funky

7. A Scarf Grows in Manhattan

8. Cowl Play

9. And then the rest of those mentioned from the magazines, in no particular order.

At the rate I knit, that’ll keep me amused for at least a year.

I hope the college has its knitting group again this year. I’m desperate for knitting friends to help and to admire and to bring stuff for me to admire. Despite that knitting is only done by one person, it seems like it should really be a social thing. Besides, knitting while watching TV gets boring after a while. Knitting while chatting seems like it would be much more fun. I keep breaking out the binary scarf in random places hoping for a knitter to approach. But either they are scarce in Rupert, or they are shy. I’ve gotten quite a few comments on the scarf so far. People seem to think that it is pretty cool. I’ve made a vow to do at least one round of it before bed every night. Hopefully, if I get more than that done most days, it shouldn’t take more than a month to get it to Greg. I wouldn’t want his neck to get cold in the winter!

Oh, and I need to post a picture of my pretty bag! It’s not the best for a knitting bag, I’m sure holes are going to get punched through it, but it’s so pretty! And I got it for only 9 bucks!

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The picture sucks, it is so much prettier than it looks! I’ll have to get a new one in decent light to show it off properly.

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