Attack of the Night Frogger

So that vow to do at least one round a night probably isn’t the best idea. You know, forcing yourself to knit when you are tired? That’s just asking for trouble. Like last night of course, where I found out after knitting two rounds that I had made a mistake in the code—knit a 0 instead of a 1. That isn’t such a big deal in the great scheme of things; the pattern doesn’t call for there to be code, it says to make ones and zeros randomly. But I, being who I am, decided I needed a message in the scarf. Again, a single mistake isn’t that big of a deal. No one can read binary off a scarf. The scarf won’t be uploading the message to a computer to be translated. On a scarf that has over a hundred, or multiple hundreds, I’m not sure yet, 0’s and 1’s, no one is going to notice that the front and back don’t quite match up. I doubt that anyone would have noticed that the front and back do in fact match up. I knit a few more stitches after seeing the mistake, felt horrible about it and frogged a few rows. I then had trouble getting it back onto the needles, decided I must have ruined the whole thing, gently put it down and settled in to cry myself to sleep. The crying happened, sleep didn’t. So, in the middle of the night, the needles got put back in, and it all got re-knit. The result of which being a very tired knit-a-saur who has got to go to school today. Sigh. At least it is only one class.

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